Are You Up for the Challenge? 
A world without polio is within our reach. Today we're on the brink of eradicating a human disease for only the second time in history.
Polio eradication is one of Rotary’s longest standing and most significant efforts. 

There are fewer polio cases today than ever before, but we will not stop until we reach zero and we need you help to finish the job. Your donation can make a difference by helping us to:
  • Immunize 400 million children against polio every year
  • Improve surveillance systems to diagnose new cases and detect the  poliovirus in the environment
  • Hire more than 150,000 health workers to find and vaccinate every child
If polio is not eradicated, hundreds of thousands of children could be paralyzed. Global health care costs would rise dramatically, and many children’s quality of life would be drastically diminished.

Your donation today will save lives and give a child a chance at a prosperous future.