Next Monday‚Äôs Zoom meeting (14 September 2020) is with Murray Jacobs in the UK.  Murray will be getting up at 1.30 in the morning to take us on a virtual tour of the city of Cambridge.   Because overseas travel is currently extremely difficult, this is the next best thing is to physically experience famous places.  Please make an effort to sign up and participate in this ground-breaking trial for our Club.  Murray is based in Cambridge and is a Cambridge Green Badge Guide.  Recently he has given virtual online tours/talks to 24 Rotary Clubs across the UK highlighting the "Must-See Street" in Cambridge.  Some of you will know people who have spent time in Cambridge and who may like to join us on Zoom.  Please invite them to join us at 12.30.  No cost and no obligation!  They can join us by clicking on this link: