This Week’s Meeting – 27 November 2017

Monday’s Panel was titled ‘Eat Well, Feel Great’ and made up of Dr. Caryn Zinn, Catherine Bell and Ray McVinnie.  In summary, since World War 2, we have swapped healthy nutritious food for sustenance that is easy and quick to prepare, introducing processed food into our diets, made up of ingredients our bodies where never designed to digest.  Currently sugar is the ‘bad’ food, where as previously it was fat and who knows what the next item to be targeted will be.  We currently live in a society that not only promotes processed foods, but also ensures processed foods are generally significantly cheaper than ‘natural’ foods.  Everyone should aim to eat as much wholesome, fresh, unprocessed food as possible – which for many households will mean a complete rethink about how they deal with food.  Today’s food is made to look bigger, last longer and look better - none of which has anything to do with its nutritious value.  Not only do studies show that many kiwi children believe all food originates from the supermarket (and one American study showed a number of adults believing chocolate milk came from brown cows), but many have never eaten a meal at the table with the rest of the family, so many lessons have been lost regarding socialising.  Eating well doesn’t have to be about spending hours in the kitchen, but it does require planning ahead and learning to cook.  One programme that focuses on education regarding eating well is the Garden to Table Trust, co-founded by Catherine, a school children food education programme to learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share good food. Food is a universal language and we need to start treating processed food like cigarettes if we are ever going to start admitting it is bad and dealing with our population’s weight issues.  Even third world countries are being negatively impacted by western processed foods.  Caryn has co-authored a number of books regarding a new way of thinking about and eating food, in particular ‘What the Fat’, which can be purchased by going to: